News & Projects for 2010

On Friday 1st October La Société Sercquaise and the Sark Music Society join forces to host a barn dance at the Island Hall. Musicians include 3 time Scottish melodeon champion Jim Bainbridge and Steve Roud, one of England's finest country dance callers, will to guiding us through the dances. Music will include traditional British and Channel Island songs. No previous experience is needed as it's our callers job to quickly teach you all you need to know. The fun begins at 7pm and tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children. (This is the event we planned this spring which was postponed due to travel problems caused by the Icelandic volcano.)

paul veronOn Monday 7th June 2010 Guernsey Ornithologists Paul Veron, pictured left, and his wife Catherine were in Sark for the first of two visits this year to ring Sark's seabirds, part of a long term project ringing the Bailiwick’s seabirds. Paul has a particular interest in Lesser Black-backed Gulls but is also studying our other Gulls, Razorbills, Guillemots, Puffins and Shags. This year's seabird survey work in Sark is being supported by a grant from La Société Sercquaise.

Some events for 2010
15th -18th March Industrial archaeology. Tony Blyth from Jersey is revisiting the Silver Mines.
The AGM took place on Friday 26 March 2010 at 5pm at the Centre.
23rd - 26th March Robert Waterhouse and Rick Stewart of the Morwellham Archeological Group (Tamar Valley) will be exploring the Mines site.
Sunday 28th March 10 am. Spring Clean the Centre
Wildflower displays put up for month of April.

Saturday 24 April Tourism’s Wildflower Walks begin.
Friday 7th May – Saturday 5th June Occupation and Liberation - Documents and objects to accompany Sark Tourism’s Exhibition to mark the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Sark.
19th June – 3rd July  A group of marine biologists from Ulster University will in studying sponges in the waters around Sark. It is hoped that the project leader, Prof Bernard Picton, will give a talk on their initial findings towards the end of their stay.
21st June. Presentation by Jean-Luc Solandt of the Maritime Conservation Society on the 'Your Seas Your Voice' campaign for Marine Protected Areas and how they might work in Sark. (This is followed on the 22nd June by a closed meeting with Jean-Luc, Sark Seafisheries Committee and local fishermen.)

July - Archeological digs. Prof Sir Barry Cunliffe and Oxford colleagues.