The botany section has no formal outings during 2015.  However, we link up with Sark Tourism for the Wild Flower Fortnight, beginning 25th April (as usual, the last week of April and first week of May).  The walks are led by wild flower enthusiasts and they cover a variety of habitats over the fortnight. 
Dr Roger Veall from UK, until recently a very regular visitor, has been Sark’s plant recorder for the Botanical Society of British Isles (BSBI) since 1995 but has now retired.  Susan Synnott replaces him from 2015.  Our group links up with La Société Guernesiaise in Guernsey to record plants as part of a Digimap project of biological records.
The herbarium at our Heritage Centre was begun by Marcia Marsden in 1980.  It is constantly being added to and updated each year.  At present there are more than 550 specimens.  A small library of reference books and specialist studies is available to visitors for browsing when the Heritage Room is open.

A photographic display of Sark spring flowers is usually on show during the Wild Flower Fortnight.  Previous exhibitions since opening the Museum and Resource Centre in 2005 have been

Unique, Rare and Interesting plants of Sark
Secret Habitats of Sark
Path to Grand Grève
Out of the Ashes (plants which arose out of a controlled burn on Derrible headland)
Ferns of Sark
Aliens and Invasives
Fungi of Sark (a selection)
Interesting Plants in one particular kilometre square of Sark