Meteorologyweather station

A small island, sheltered by the proximity of the continent to the south and east, other nearby Channel Islands and the UK mainland to the north, Sark enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. Windy yes, but air frosts and snow are rare and compared with England there is normally less rainfall and more sunshine.The Sark Weather Station is situated on the east coast, some 100 metres above the lighthouse at Point Robert. Observations are taken just once a day at 0900 hours and these include rainfall, sunshine, maximum and minimum temperatures, ground minimum temperatures and wind speed & direction. Air pressure and humidity figures are also available. Observations are forwarded to the UK Met Office, the Guernsey Airport Met. Office and to a series of weather journals in the UK. Here on Sark monthly weather information is displayed on the Avenue notice board and in the Société room attached to the Visitor Centre. All statistics are recorded on computer and date back to 1952 when accurate observations were begun.

The Weather Station can be visited at any time, preferably by appointment.

Annual reports are displayed in the Heritage Room and a detailed analysis can be found in each annual report - see home page.