Wildflower bookPublications available from La Société Sercquaise

La Société Sercquaise publishes a Newsletter at Christmas and Midsummer and Annual Reports for the Annual General Meeting at the end of March. These are available free to members. The Society also encourages its members to publish research projects.
We have produced pamphlets : Sark Windmill 1571; Sark Prisonscommemorated 150 years since the building of Sark’s celebrated Prison in 1856; The Gouliot Caves was produced in conjunction with La Société Guernésiaise, to mark the registration of the Gouliot Caves and headland as a Ramsar wetland site of international importance in April 2007. Susan Synnott wrote and illustrated a guide to The Ferns of Sark published in 2008 and has also written an excellent wildflower guide. These are the publications we have for sale;Sark Rocks

1 - Sark’s Windmill 1571, by Richard Axton -£1.00
2 - Sark Prisons , by Richard Axton et al. - £2.00
3 - St Magloire, Patron Saint of Sark, a pamphlet written and illustrated by Martin Remphry - £2.00
4 - The Ferns of Sark, by Susan Synnott - £3.00
5 - The Gouliot Caves, by Anne Allen et al. - £3.00

Wild Flowers of Sark, by Susan Synnott (Seaflower Books 2011) - £12.00 including postage

Sark Rocks, by Felicity Belfield (small Island Publishing 2012) - £10.00 including postage

CD cover

Sark Voices
La Société Sercquaise launched their first CD in September 2009, Sark Voices, a collection representing some of the earliest sound recordings of traditional Sark songs and voices of Sark. They give a fascinating insight into the past life and times of the Sarkese including solos and choruses of folk songs as well as the sound of haymaking in the 50s and the Clameur de Haro, a Norman call for justice. (BBC Archives, produced by Ken Lees. With texts) - £10.00 including postageIndex

Order any of these by sending a cheque to La Société Sercquaise, Visitor Centre, Sark GY10 1SA.
For any of the pamphlets (numbers 1-5) please add £1 for postage.

Index to The Island of Sark by JLV Cachemaille
Susan Synnott has recently compiled and had published an index to JLV Cachemaille’s authoritative book The Island of Sark, which was originally written between 1874 and 1876 and was published in 1928.  For any member who has this book and would like a copy of the index it is available free of charge but, of course, a compensatory contribution to La Société Sercquaise funds would be appreciated.
Please contact Mrs Susan Synnott – tel. 01481-832314 or email synnott@cwgsy.nett for more details.

To purchase second hand and antiquarian books about Sark visit www.cibooks-art.co.uk